When people hear about SEO services in Africa, they immediately think that it is a service that will help a website’s presence on the internet. Although this is true, most people have this idea that it will immediately bring them results right away. But this is not the only misconception that most people have about SEO. Below are some of the common mistakes that clients expect when they hire SEO services from http://rankglider.com

Build and it will come

One of the favorite mantra of clients when it comes to content marketing is that when professionals make it, it will come. This means that all you need to do is develop an amazing website with amazing content and just wait for the traffic to roll into the site.

Here is something that you should learn beforehand – it doesn’t work that way.

If SEO were really that easy, all SEO specialists would have been better as writers or all of them may have already lost their careers. While great content and great writing is something that your website needs, it will also need other elements associated with SEO such as links, sound technical base, very fast page downloads and much more.

Content is not everything. There are much more SEO tactics that are needed.

There is no need for link building

It may have something to do with the official top dogs of the internet that made people think link building is dead. They never said anything of the sort.

What they were trying to say was that they tried exclusive links from their algorithm and it even resulted in a much worse situation. So while it may stay there for the meantime, you will not see link building going away soon.

Keep in mind that link building is not dead. There is a still a need for it.

Google Analytics is a Spy

There’s too much paranoia going on in the internet these days that people think using some service is a way for them to probe into your most classified information. Google Analytics is a must have as it is useful for your website.