All SEO Cape Town professionals commit a mistake or two when it comes to working closely with SEO. As they have grown through the experience with creating various strategies with SEO, they have listed down the most common mistakes that people do when doing SEO.

Not utilizing Analytics

Analytics is used as a basis to see what can be converted. SEO is not only about traffic to your site. It also makes use of conversion.

It can be very easy to get caught in watching for which phrases are getting the most traffic to your website and then get disappointed when you can’t rank for the most competitive and high traffic keywords. But keep in mind that traffic is not everything about SEO. There are a lot of times wherein the lower-traffic phrases convert better since they are more accurate. Getting to first page ranks on several of these keywords can drive in a few sales.

One way to find out about it is to monitor it. There are various analytics tools you can use, like the Google Analytics. Other paid analytics tool will aid you in setting up the conversion tracking for the keyword phrases. They are then compared against each other to see which one is yielding the best results. Knowing which ones will help get your site’s optimization better as a whole will aid your site’s visibility.

Not optimized for local search

A business that focuses on customers within a region or city should be optimized for local search. Most search engines handle things a bit differently than keywords that tend to be more global. You start by adding keywords that are unique to your region into your meta descriptions and page titles. You also want to insert the local phone number and address to your pages, like the one in the footer or header so that you will show up right away in the local search results. You also wish to list your business in various local based review sites like FourSquare, Merchant Circle, Yelp and Google Places.