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Business blogging and corporate blogging are fast becoming two very most important internet marketing tools in recent years. A company blog is very important for many reasons:

  1. A Business blog allows not only big corporations, but also small businesses to connect to and interact directly with their potential customers, and offer a new face to their business.
  2. Corporate blogs and small business blogs attract more targeted traffic to your business website.
  3. Corporate blogging is one of the best internet marketing strategies in order to promote  your products and services on the internet.
  4. Whether it is a  political blog, company blog or small business blog it ranks well in search engines results. Blogs are designed to rank well and can be updated easily every day.
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Business Blogging &
Corporate  Blogging

One of the best examples of the success of business blogging as an effective internet marketing tool is Microsoft blogs. The U.S. giant is currently using various Business Blogs for its various products and services. Theses blogs  provide Microsoft  with a closer contact with their customers.

Corporate blogging ensures easier and faster access to information for your customers.  It can provide your clients a day to day news of your business, up-coming promotions, calendar of events, and may also contain photos and videos etc. A corporate blog or company blog is a more intimate point of contact with clients,

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Our Business Blog Services

Business blogging is one of the best cost effective internet marketing strategies to help you build your customer loyalty through publishing the most relevant content which will at the same time improve your ranking in the different search engine results.

Seo7services offers a variety of business blogging services:

  1. Corporate blog design.
  2. Business blog installation.
  3. Advertising your products and services to increase traffic to your site through your company blogs.
  4. Business blog promotion and  marketing.
  5. Existing blog management.
  6. Blog  widget installation.
  7. Writing  and publishing blog posts.
  8. Keyword research to write the best content for your blog posts.
  9. And many other marketing blog services.
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Corporate Blog &
Small Business Blog

The question should not be if a company should create a blog or not, the question is how to make the best use of your business blog to attract more targeted visitors and increase your sales.

A successful  business blog service goes far beyond how to write winning blog posts or how to create a corporate business blog.  It takes a lot of experience, effort and time to create and maintain a profitable business blog.


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SEO Consultation Services

As it is our policy with every project, SEO 7 Services offers several Free Consultation Services and Free SEO Reports before, during and after every SEO project.

Click here to read more about our Free SEO Consultation Services.

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SEO Training Services.

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Link Building Services.

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Keyword Research and Analysis Services.

SEO Consultation is a crucial part of any successful internet marketing strategy. In today’s challenging markets, it is not good enough  any more to have a good business website; you must also have a competitive edge over the hundreds  of competitors. If you’re not sure if your site needs the essential SEO Consultation Services, please call us at  514-806-0322 for a free search engine optimization analysis of your site or  contact us to request your Free Quote Today! Contact Us 1 2   Business Blog Services

Our head office is located in the city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, but we offer our SEO Services worldwide. If you are located in the Greater Montreal Area, we can offer our SEO Training SEO Consulting Services either personally, by phone or by Skype.

For our customers worldwide we are very comfortable offering our SEO Consultation & SEO Training services either by phone or by Skype.

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